Enchanting Jewellery, Inspired by Nature.

Welcome to Caroline Brook Jewellery. Everything in my shop is handmade by me, using eco-friendly recycled metals, conflict free diamonds and natural gemstones.

Handcrafted in England, using traditional metalsmithing techniques.


Highlighting some favourite pieces of the month, whether new designs or classic... 

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Hand Crafted Organic Jewellery

Inspired by woodlands, folklore and small creatures, I aim to create beautiful pieces of wearable treasure.

  • Handmade in England

    Hi, I'm Caroline, the maker and designer at Caroline Brook Jewellery. I work from my Surrey Studio in England, making delicate organic themed jewellery using traditional skills.

  • Remodelling

    If you have old or inherited jewellery that's just not your style then remodelling or repurposing could be ideal for you. Prices begin at £500 and the process can take 12 to 16 weeks.

  • Bespoke

    For a ring or item of jewellery crafted especially for you or for variations of my shop pieces, please get in touch. Some examples of past commissions are shown below.

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Some images of past commissions. 

  • Topaz Focus

    Topaz, the splendid birthstone for November, graces this autumn month with its captivating range of colors, spanning from the elegant purity of white to the delicate blush of pink and a myriad of enchanting shades of blue. November-born individuals are blessed with the diverse and dynamic beauty of topaz, reflecting their multifaceted personalities and the ever-changing nature of the season. This gemstone symbolizes not only strength and protection but also the versatility and adaptability needed to thrive in the shifting landscapes of life, much like the evolving shades of topaz. As November's gem, topaz serves as a colorful tribute to the resilience, wisdom, and adaptability of those who call this autumn month their own.

  • Silver Acorn and Oak Leaf Necklace

    My silver acorn and oak leaf necklace is a charming piece of jewellery. It features a tiny silver acorn and a delicate oak leaf hanging on a chain. It's a lovely way to carry a bit of nature with you, and it's perfect for nature lovers or those who appreciate the symbolism of growth and strength that the oak tree represents. This necklace adds a touch of woodland beauty to your style.

  • woodland twig stacking rings

    Stacking Diamond Twig Rings

    Organic twig rings with sterling silver bands that capture the true details of the  bark and knotting from the original twig it was cast from. The ring features three circles of gold, which can be customized with the addition of petite diamonds. This ring is a lovely choice for nature-loving brides and those who want something special to wear on their own.

  • Bestseller

    Emanating the enchanting essence of the forest, my best-selling woodland twig ring, meticulously cast in sterling silver from an actual twig, embodies the delicate yet enduring beauty of nature. With a brilliant white Topaz nestled in solid rose gold, it captures the ethereal sparkle of sunlight filtering through the leaves. This exquisite piece celebrates the timeless allure of the woodland, merging artistry and craftsmanship to capture the tranquility and wild elegance of the forest. A true homage to nature's wonders, it whispers secrets of the woods and adorns its wearer with a touch of enchantment.